Some KEY Points

Break the Chains

Business owners are not locked into or tied into anything. there are even ways to get this system for FREE.

No Surprises, Ever.

Running a business is tough enough without having that end of month surprise.
We work with you and design your campaign around your needs.

Add or Remove Campaigns

We realize the business world is fluid so we let you run your system that way.
Need to add a campaign, just email us.
Need to take a break or make a change, same thing.
We are always hear and will keep your system up to date with what YOU need.


You may decide to incorporate this with ScanOfTheDay™ but that's up to you.
Let us know.

Simply a Better System

Not Groupon®, not your typical coupon,
It's GooPON™.

Our basic system is very affordable but if you are a member of TouchlessLoyalty™ you get it for FREE.
And under the program we design your coupons as well.

Your users simply Click on the area they choose.


Google is your friend, treat them as such. There are some critical things you need to do right now.


The world is going more touchless by the minute.
Now you can Affordably Convert your marketing to the Hottest Trend for 2021.

COVID Hurt your Business?

You are not alone, but help is on the way. Because of some incredible supporters, we can step in and help.

Why does it work?

Because your coupons are now Digital!
Folks no longer clip coupons.

This video is now several years old, Quadruple Every Statistic!